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If you have a cavity, a filling is the simplest solution to restore your tooth. Michael W. Zacher, DDS, offers many types of fillings at his self-named practice in Phoenix, Arizona. He uses modern technology to ensure your experience is quick and comfortable. To learn more about fillings, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Fillings Q & A

What are fillings?

A dental filling is a treatment for tooth decay, or cavities. After removing the decayed portion of your tooth, Dr. Zacher places a filling to restore its function and protect against damage. Fillings seal out new bacteria to prevent additional decay.

Tooth decay occurs when plaque builds on the teeth. This sticky form of bacteria clings to the teeth and releases toxins that eat away at protective enamel. A cavity starts as a small hole that grows over time. Without treatment, decay can spread to your surrounding teeth.

Are there different materials for fillings?

Dr. Zacher is proud to offer the most popular filling material at his office:

Tooth-colored (composite) fillings

Tooth-colored fillings seamlessly blend in with your smile. Dr. Zacher applies composite fillings as a liquid. After removing the decayed section, he paints the material onto your chewing surfaces.

Applying composite fillings as a liquid allows the material to reach every crevice of your tooth for enhanced protection. Tooth-colored fillings are more attractive than their metal predecessors, but they aren’t quite as durable.

What can fillings treat?

Fillings primarily treat cavities, but composite filling can also repair small chips, cracks, and fractures in your teeth. Dr. Zacher may recommend a tooth-colored filling to repair damage in your front teeth.

To learn more about fillings, call Michael W. Zacher, DDS, or schedule an appointment online today.